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Smart Heating Control Installation

Smart Control Thermostats & Smart controls are more and more at the forefront of energy efficiency in homes. However, not many people are actually sure on what they are, how they work and what they actually do.

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What are Smart Controls?

Smart controls also known as smart heating controls, are controls that are installed alongside boilers to give you exceptional control over your heating. There are many manufacturers of these types of controls including Hive, Honeywell, Nest and Worcester Bosch.

Worcester Bosch intelligent easy smart controls

What do central heating smart controls do?

Central heating smart controls enable you to take full control over your heating and hot water including but not limited to:

Heating and hot water schedules

The majority of smart controls will allow you to set schedules to suit your work schedule, different times for weekends, holiday periods or even just when you’re picking up the kids from school. This means that you are not heating your home & wasting energy and money if the Smart Controls are used to their full potential.

OpenTherm Technology

OpenTherm Technology is the name for the type of communication between smart central heating controls and heating systems. This communication allows heating systems and controls to work together more efficiently.

Older boilers that do not support OpenTherm have basic on/off controls, therefore when they are on, the water used to heat your home will stay at the same pre-set temperature. This is usually very inefficient.

New boilers with OpenTherm support allow smart controls to tell them if and when they need to adjust the heating temperature of the water and how high it should be set.


Here at A.C.Wilgar, we use the latest controls, which feature auto-schedule. Once it has been installed it will default to 20ºC, any changes you make in the first-days after the initial installation will be added to your schedule. For example, if, on the first day you turned the heating up when you arrived home from work but then back down just before going to bed, the control will learn this pattern, and know this for the future.

Mobile Apps

When combined with mobile apps you are able to control your smart control when you’re on the go, from your phone. You can change the current temperature, change the schedule, and turn on hot water and more, all within the simple and easy to use app.

By combining all the incredible features, smart central heating controls enable you to improve the energy efficiency of your home, give you the flexibility to control your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world from a smart phone, and save you money!

Here at A.C.Wilgar, we are currently offering an upgrade to the latest learning smart control with every boiler install, supplied and fitted from as little as an additional £245.00.  Find out more here.

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