Fernox Powerflow Flushing Pump MKIII machine

Powerflushing Services

Powerflushing is essentially a cost-effective and efficient way of cleaning your central heating system.

Powerflushing is now established by all major manufacturers as the most effective way of ensuring a trouble-free installation.

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Cleaning your Central Heating System

A Powerflush machine has it’s own built-in pump so when this is connected to your heating system, in place of the existing central heating pump, a cleaning solution is pumped throughout the entire system.

Each radiator can be isolated ensuring that all internal pipe work is cleaned, eliminating the risk of sludge, iron oxide or magnetite damaging your new boiler and controls. There is no need to remove any radiators during a powerflush, and in most cases the machines is sited outside the property so disruption is minimal.

A.C. Wilgar plumber and engineer filling up a Fernox Powerflow Flushing Pump Machine MKIII

All our engineers have been trained by Fernox (Europe’s leading water treatment company) in the approved method of powerflushing. View Fernox website.

Power Flushing Bromley Plumbers

It is our company policy to carry out powerflushing when installing any new boiler in an existing system and all boilers fitted by us under this policy carry a minimum two-year guarantee and a completed benchmark certificate. 

A powerflush will cost approximately £500 up to and including 7 radiators. For a confirmed quotation or to arrange a thermal imaging survey please contact the office.

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