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Combination / Combi Heating System

Combination boilers, as the name suggests, combine most of the components of a conventional system (boiler, cylinder, pump, control valves and thermostat) in one unit (The Combi) . This type of boiler is generally more suited to smaller homes with up to three independent hot water users.

Although very energy efficient, the problem with running more than one tap at a time is exacerbated if more than three people live in the home or if there is more than one bathroom.


No stored water in loft or airing cupboard, therefore saving space and no risk of freezing pipes.

Instantaneous hot water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High pressure showers without the need for mechanical power showers.

The most economical type of boiler, only pay for exactly the hot water you use.

Because of the enormous flueing options Combis can be sited almost anywhere in the house, i.e. loft, airing cupboard, garage etc.


The main disadvantage of a combination boiler is that it primarily only serves one tap at a time, regardless of how big the boiler is. This means if someone is in the shower upstairs, and someone turns on the hot tap at the kitchen sink, whoever is in the shower will receive no hot water.

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