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High Efficiency Boiler

High Efficiency Boilers, or Condensing Boilers have been around in the UK for over 20 years and even longer in Europe. They work on the same principle as a conventional boiler, with one main difference. Instead of one large, usually cast iron heat exchanger, they have two.

With a new conventional boiler approximately 80% of the gas consumed is converted to either heating or hot water, the remaining 20% gets pumped through the flue terminal, and out to atmosphere. That's at least 20% of your gas bill wasted!!

With condensing boilers, the 20% (which would normally get pumped outside) is brought back into the system, where the consumer benefits. When fitted as a replacement for a twenty year old wall mounted boiler (i.e. a boiler which is approximately 70% efficient) in an average three bed semi, the consumer can expect to save £960.00 in the approximate fifteen year life of a boiler.

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