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Fast Recovery Cylinder

This type of cylinder is extremely efficient and when fitted with a condensing boiler will produce your hot water not only in a fraction of the time (approximatly 12 minutes), but consequently at a fraction of the cost. (44% cheaper than a conventional system).

In an average home the initial outlay for a high efficiency fast recovery cylinder will pay for itself in less than one year and give you the luxury of hot water on tap 24hours/7day's a week.

Cylinder Coil
Superduty - Multicoil for High Performance

The Superduty Concept
Unlike a conventional cylinder which utilises a single 28mm diameter coil, Superduty mulitcoils are engineered with a manifold which divides into four coiled tubes. This arrangement ensures that far more water is in contact with the copper wall of the heat exchanger, dramatically improving heat transfer between primary and secondary waters.

The Superduty multicoil heat exchanger is proven to provide cost effective operation and performance, unparalleled in systems of this type.

Just look at the performance graphs!

Ultra fast recovery of hot water allows for a reduction in cylinder size. This development has resulted in the product we know today as the Superduty, a cylinder used and specified by energy conscious Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private builders alike. All Albion Superduty cylinders are WRAS and NHBC approved.

Annual Cost of Gas (£)
Annual Cost of Gas
Better Economy

Fuel saving
The installation of a Superduty will reduce boiler operating times and cycling periods resulting in savings of up to 40% compared with systems using conventional indirect systems.

Improves boiler efficiency
The effective heat treatment transfer of the Superduty results in very cool primary return temperatures which maintain the boiler operation on full load - even in summer months! This virtually eliminates expensive boiler cycling, a major contribution to fuel saving.

900 x 450 British Standard
Gas used: 625 cu.ft/day
Cost of Gas per week: £1.97
Cost of Gas per year: £102.44

Superduty CF80
Gas used: 350 cu.ft/day
Cost of Gas per week: £1.10
Cost of Gas per year: £57.20
Saving: £45.24
Superduty CF45
Gas used: 375 cu.ft/day
Cost of Gas per week: £1.18
Cost of Gas per year: £61.36
Saving: £41.08

Plenty of Hot Water
The recovery times are based on a primary flow of 82°C and a recovery from 20°C through to 60°C. Times are greater than the Albion bench test in order to provide figures which are easily achievable in the home.
Recovery Times (Minutes)
30Kw 24Kw 15Kw 12Kw 9Kw
CF45 4 5 8 10 15
CF80 7 9 15 18 24
CF120 10 12 20 24 30
A practical example is to compare tha hot water available from a CF45 against that from a standard indirect 900 x 450mm cylinder. Using a 15Kw boiler the standard cylinder will deliver approximately 175 litres of hot water per hour (based on 40 minutes recovery). The Superduty CF45 will produce approximately 340 litres in these circumstances (8 minutes recovery).
System Control
Superduty Cisternflow cylinders are suitable for fully pumped primary systems fuelled from mains gas, lpg or oil boilers. They are compatible with W, Y and S plan systems. Quicker re-heat times are achieved with W plan systems. A probe type insertion thermostat is required to provide increased temperature sensing and accuracy over that of the strap-on type. A connection is provided on each Superduty for this fitment.

Primary Connections
CF45 to CF140 22mm compression.

System ControlCombination Units
All Cistern flow models are available in combination tank form, supplied with byelaw 30 kits and lids. CF45, CF80 and CF120 litre units have 20 litres of cold storage. CF140, CF160, CF180 and CF120 litre units have 40 litres of cold storage.
Superduty cylinders are guaranteed for 5 years.

All othersizes 1" male B.S.P. Albitec compliant.
Secondary connections
CF45 to CF140 22mm compression.
All othersizes 1" male B.S.P.
Secondary return: standard 22mm compression on all sizes 120 litre and above.
Thermostat Connections
1/2" female BSP to all models
Immersion Heater Connection
2 1/4" BSP female in all models
Maximum Working Head
10 meters, all models.
(15 & 25 metre working head available to order).
Albion Ecofoam CFC Free.

System Control

Shower Flange
Showerflange is particularly suited to Superduty where the use of an Immersion heater is not recommended.

The flange converts a 2 1/4" Heater Boss into a 22mm compression fitting for a bespoke shower connection.